Thursday, March 17, 2011

get me the heck outta here....

sorry I have been out of touch for a spell...but let me tell you, it hasn't been easy...this cage that mom and dad have me in doesn't get any reception, so that leaves me unconnected to the outside world.

you may or may not know but I blew out my acl and had to have another tplo surgery (pain in the knee)...most of my canine peers blow the second knee out just a few short month after they do the first...I squeaked by for almost three years,but I can't was really bugging me.

the little twirp has been a great companion thru it all, hardly ever really annoying me. she's growing up a's about time.

and speaking of about's about time I get outta this crate (6 weeks). and while I'm at's about time my tplo-hawk grows back already...summer's right around the bend.

well, gotta cut it short so I can go to pt...the underwater treadmill is cool, it's like walking in a big bowl of water without getting yelled at for making a mess.

bye for now.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's almost summer - woofie!

This winter has been complete and utter grossnes.  It carried into the spring.  and I swear it felt like it would never get nicer.  We spent a lot of time laying around waitin' for the good weather to get here.  There are also these stupid little white fuzzy things all over the place in the air.  They make Mom sneeze, Willow scratch her ears and I get great big eye boogers.  GRODY!  Mom is constantly sticking her fingers in my eyes to clear them out.  I do appreciate it but am not a big fan of human-finger-in-the-dog-eye.

Mom and Dad have been doing a buttload of work around the house and in the yard.  It's kinda taken up a lotta their time and so I have been left in charge of the midge.  She's soooooo annoying!  I know I have said that before but this time, I meant, it for real!!!!!!!!  She's almost, like, 2 or something and acts like a baby.  Still.  She's constantly hanging off me, like bitin' my cheek, or chewin' on my leg.  COME ON WILLOW STOP IT!  Ug.  GET OUT OF MY FACE!

the midge
Mom was helping me on the computer this morning (she's an edit freak) but she promised us walks before her workout this morning.  yay!  She has no idea that there are actually MORE bunnies hanging out in the park this early so she better have her running shoes on.  (I'm going bunny huntin'!  )
Me blogging and thkining about...


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching up on some zzzs

Mom and Dad had a fun party last night to celebrate their friend's visit from Washington.  They had a bunch of people over and laughed a lot. It was LOUD!  Dad managed to get to bed by like, midnight, but Mom was up WAY too late and kept me up too.  Her and her friend were all giggly, then crying and hugging.  It was weird.  Anyways, I spent the best part of my day sleeping.  Willow was right next to me though, like the clingy little leech she is, cramping my style and making me sleep at the edge of the bed.  grrr.  For a little runt, she sure does take up a lot of room.  Dad too.  What bed hogs!  Anyways.  Just ate dinner and excited to watch some tv with Mom and Dad tonight.  They always watch this crying makeover show about houses or something.  I don't know.  It seems dumb to me but at least I get to snuggle with them on the couch.  More zzzs...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goodbye 2009. It was nice knowin' ya!

Wow.  What a crazy year.  It FLEW by and I didn't even see it coming.  I guess Gramma's been on Mom's butt to get me to write and thankfully Mom held her off for awhile. I have been having so much fun with the little squirt!  and boy-oh-boy do I mean LITTLE.  Mom calls her little midge and Willow really is.  I think she's weighing in at a whopping 62lbs at 1 year, 4 months.  HAHAHAHAHAH I think I weighed that at 6 months.  What. a. twirp.  She is a real pest too.  A really tiny little pest.  She is always gnawing on my leg and gets really jealous when Dad pets me.  What a dork.  Plenty of love to go around Will, plenty of love!  Anyways, she is still working on potty training - little turd can't seem to figure it out.  Mom jokes that she's "special."  I don't think there's anything special about her at all.

I love the holidays.  Mom and Dad get to spend more time at home and give me belly rubs.  I wub it!  (((woof woof)))  My hips have been a little sore lately and I had to go to the doctor and get them checked out, xrays and everything. I have something called hip dipsplasia or something.  I dunno.  Mom started putting this funny brown powder on my food and it tastes real good and is actually helping, I think.  I get all sorts of fun vitamins in my food because I really AM special!

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!  I hope to be better about this blog thing in 2010. 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Twins? Not. even. close.

I have no idea why mom feels it necessary to dress Squirt and I alike. I'm big, she's a squirt. I'm older, she's younger. I'm cool, she's...well, not. I'm normal, she's annoying! But for some reason, someone thought we would look cool dressed in the same bandanas. DORKY!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy weekend

Wills and I are catching up on our sleep. We still haven't adjusted to the 'daytime save the light', or something like that. Can't remember what mom called it but it really has thrown our family for a loop!

We have a really cool new room in the house too - downstairs. Mom and Dad go down there every night after dinner and watch a really big tv and sprawl on this really nice big couch. I have a feeling we're going to be spending A LOT of time down there from now on. Especially since they keep giving us bones so we behave. I freaking love that room!

It's pretty warm out too so it's been fun just beatin up the squirt in the yard. I think we're getting ready to go on a family w-a-l-k here in a little bit. Mom always spells the word out but I am 5 years old for goodnessake. I CAN S-P-E-L-L and know what "walk" is. duh.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Babysitting FOOL

I just realized it's been, like, 3 months or something since I last blogged. Well, let me tell ya somethin'... I've been busy. Yeah, real busy. Being a full time babysitter to the squirt or as Dad likes to call her, Rabbit. Willow is nuts. She's the most crazy puppy I've ever seen. I know there is NO way I was this bad. And I am sure if Josey were here, she would back me up.

Don't get me wrong, the kid is fun. Real fun. But she's such a baby. And Mom totally treats her like one, like a REAL one, holding her and stuff. It's soooo annoying. *sigh* The cool thing is, I get to do a lot of stuff I normally wouldn't though. Like sleeping on the bed all the time and hanging out on the couch, of course ONLY when Mom puts down a blanket. She's so uptight. But it's cool. and I get treats, lots of treats! I guess it's not so bad really. But I do love a break every now and again. Thank goodness for the crate!!